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The Forest Naval by ForgotTheNewName
The Forest Naval
Deep within The Forest Navel, there are even stranger creatures wandering about than any I’ve encountered. But, as long as I am with the Pikmin, I have nothing to fear.”
it's been such a long time since i've used this site to post anything it legitimately took me like 3 minutes to remember how to post a journal using the newer layout

probably the part where most people would expect the regular "i've been more active on tumblr" but no, not really, i haven't really been there either...

iunno. reminding people i existed was so much easier when flipnote was a thing. i'll probably post a buncha stuff i never got to putting here and for future reference try not to fade out of existence afterwards :3c
  • Listening to: Did
  • Reading: he just
  • Watching: walk up
  • Playing: slowly
  • Eating: and
  • Drinking: down-smash him


melee: falco

sm4sh: yoshi, GW


melee: GW, Yoshi

sm4sh: mario, DK, kirby, 

Character you hate playing against:

melee: Peach =[

sm4sh: sonic, rosa ew campy

What is your playstyle?

melee: very aggressive, i love pillaring omg

i like to apply lots of pressure

sm4sh: same mostly, i dont egg often at all and i hate defensive play so its mostly rushdown

Favorite players?

i love hbox, pewpewu, amsa, mango, hax and m2k

for sm4sh, gimr, boss, dkwill. zero also

Describe someone you enjoy playing against often's playstyle.

:iconchestnutferaligatr: is a talented smash 4 player

he's extremely technical and plays a very good pikachu, weaving in and out of offensive/defensive play

he jab locks consistently and employs a lot of mindgames and bait tactics

he understands his character very well and utilizes quick attack to a ridiculously effective extent, really flaunting how much control he has established over the stage

also an intelligent gimper

i also play against a really good falcon player in melee locally, theyre how i practice for local tournaments. they land their knees amazingly

Played in any tournaments?

ive played in 2 locals

never won melee singles but i won smash 4 singles in both

Favorite stage?

melee: Yoshi's

sm4sh: kongo jungle 64

Best smash moment?

winning grand finals w/ a 9 =p

Tag some peeps!

anybody who plays smesh/wants to do this

  • Reading: Your mother out
  • Eating: the Great Gatsby


Blasphro briggins

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